ARchLabs-unstable dependencies

Am I the only person who is running into problems attempting to remove software which has dependencies to AL that effectively are wrapped around various skel images?

The various skel packages only ever do anything when a new user is created so removing them will not affect your system at all unless you ever want to create another user.

FWIW making packages that are configured by the skel packages dependencies of them does seem to be a sensible thing to do.

In times like these, knowing breaking is not to be feared, -Rdd is your friend a very dangerous tool that should not often be used without extreme caution and certainty in the results

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Erm, no.

From the ArchWiki:

Although this particular example wouldn’t break the system that is extraordinarily bad advice to give.

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Right, I’m well aware what the wiki says, but I think in terms of something such as rofi and its mere skel package dependencies, total system failure is not something to be worried about, hence the other part of my reply which you did not quote.

I understand why you made this reply, and I agree that something differently should be done, but in this particular instance I see no harm

However, I’ve mended my previous message


I like -Rsnc to remove things, this way if you really want to remove it you’ll see all the other dependencies that will be removed as well. Still would use caution if you’re not comfortable with some minor userland breakages.


Thanks for the information it helps FE