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ArchLabs Twitter is no more

I can’t be bothered with social media, as a result AL is no longer on twitter or any other social media outlets.


Thx for the news. Like the forum too much to go AL elsewhere ! lol

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My thoughts too. Twitter was the last social outlet we were on. Its deleted now.


What’s the status of r/ArchLabsLinux? I see:

You must be invited to visit this community

since some time ago. Is it still alive?

No, you can’t delete subreddits so I just made it private and walked away. It was pointless having it, I was basically talking to myself there.

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There is an AL FB page but it is unofficial. I’m a member just to keep an eye on it.

Alright, reddit is for ppl who don’t run their own forum. :wink:

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Pretty much exactly that.

I Agree.

That explains a lot @Dobbie03.:wink::laughing:

Has nothing to do with the tweet I replied to, would it? Timing seems a little suspect.

Only if you believe in conspiracy theories :grinning:

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I have had that experience as well. I, truly, find it bizarre that reddit disallows removal of groups.

I will admit that I felt scared when I read that “no more” part of the sentence.

Yes, social media are just distractions and reduce our productivity. I don’t use FB, Twitter, Insta or whatever those apps ppl nowadays use. My mind is lighter as a result. No bloat in my mind :wink:

ArchLabs website + ArchLabs Forum is good enough for me :slight_smile:

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That was my thinking too.

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  • 1 on my end also.
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