ArchLabs testing 2018-07 xorg-xinit issue?


I downloaded the latest testing ISO 24-07-18

I was only able to boot to tty1 login prompt but was unable to startx manually…

I was able to start x by deleting the xorg.conf.d directory.

X is running but I had to set the wallpaper manually.

All appears OK once inside X.

My earlier running of the live testing ISO worked OK as you can see from some of my screenshots in earlier threads…I also installed the earlier testing ISO OK…NO PROBS.

I am posting this from the latest testing ISO live session.

Any ideas from the team would be most welcome before I attempt a new install to my new SSD. :wink:

P.S. New colours rock :sunglasses::heart_eyes:

2018.07 Testing Release

Thanks Neil.

I think @natemaia will be able to answer this one better than I can.


Removing these files from within xorg.conf.d results in a sucessful startx.

sudo rm 20-intel.conf 21-radeon.conf 22-amdgpu.conf

I removed each in turn…that is all the info I have at the moment.
I will update the thread if I can get closer to the solution.


Latest testing ISO of today installed to my new 480GB SSD :sunglasses:

The above startx problem remains on my metal with both live ISO and when installed-same work around.

nvidia driver installed and I have auto login again…OK for me even though I am happy with startx.

AL-hello running in scrot below…hot off the press!

EDIT: Thanks for including the polybar RAM single/double dancing digit fix



Question on your new ssd, which one did you get mate if you don t mind.

As for auto-login, if you don t mind it s ok, but can always be installes afterward, As I can see AL doesn t come with Display Managers . I was used to default DM before, seemed weird at first.

Nice scrott mate.


I am trying to increase my SSD(s) capacity as prices tend to get more reasonable/GB
Up to now I have been running 128/256GB SSDs (6 in total)
I have used Sandisk and Kingston up to now.
This new one is Sandisk SSD PLUS 480GB.
I purchased on 83,57 Euros.
It has since increased to 93,85 Euros.
but if you keep your eyes peeled it might well get another discount soon…

The scrot is pretty much a fresh install…ongoing…



Thx for the comeback mate, appreciated, which one that you got the least issues.

Cool about the scrott.

Edit; I see the links from Germany, live there ! Danke schön .

Got 2 custom basses top of the line from Germany in 1994-5 from Warwick Basses, love these, my fav basses.


I would go with Sandisk…but only my personal evaluation…
I live in Luxembourg…kein problem/de rien

I assume you mean bass guitars…I always wanted to learn bass guitar…love my music though…cheers!

Bonne soirée !



Merci beaucoup !lol

Thx for the comeback on the ssd, might check it out later on when swapping hard disk.