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Good for the garden :grin:

Lol, a good thing.

I have a few Pommie mates and they always advise to avoid Essex women. No real reason was given.

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It’s like a foreign language @leigh. :wink:

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Shitty teeth or what @dobbie?


I have no idea, one made mention of their bedroom antics…like that was going to put me off (ironically he is married to a lady from the Essex region!)…but a few other Poms I know haven’t normally been overly polite about Essex girls.

I love saying I am from Essex when asked what part of UK I am from. It gives me a very low opinion to easily look good against, á lá Prince Hal :joy:


Ah yes, you’ve taught me something new today @leigh. Pretty much the Long Island Lolitta of Brits! I think I knew her …
:lipstick: :high_heel: :kissing_heart:



Earlier sunrise everyday, 05:25 this week


Thank goodness the days will be long for a while.

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Nice lookin place @Peppe

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Early morning wandering around :cowboy_hat_face:

Yep, before it gets too hot & humid.

It is already that at 5:25, but no direct sun yet :rofl:

This is Pukenui, very close to the northern tip of New Zealand. This was a three day trip for work.


And this is Piha beach near Auckland. Took my DSLR for a spin using manual settings. Been using a camera phone so long it took about thirty shots before I was happy with these two.


Amazing photos man.

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Cheers mate.

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Yep, Lion Rock & the Tasman. Can you see Aussie? :wink:

Not quite, the seagulls were in the way
Captain America Lol GIF by mtv

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