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Oh, it s a nice place in there @nwg

You have a nice house @leigh


Jesus Christ @leigh … you travelled all the way to the promised land only to hit the brakes in New York City?


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Given the palmtrees you must be living around Penzance, given the boating and palm trees it msut be the Isle of Wight :star_struck:

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Home-Home is deepest rural North ‘aye-gorra-loite-boiye?’ Essex, and Palm trees are Home South of the River close to Lisboa. Tendring Peninsular to Sétubal Peninsular

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bonita casa de fin de semana

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Makes no sense to me. But … I like it @leigh!


Have you got a light, Boy?

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antes era a casa de fim de semana da família, mas, depois de muitas obras, agora é a nossa casa onde vivemos.
A minha sogro próprio desenhou e construiu a casa durante os anos do revolution, anos interessantes!

O meu sogro projectou e construiu a casa ele próprio durante os anos revolucionários, anos interessantes!
Os marinheiros portugueses não são?
Revolução nos navios?

Refere-se a um motim?

25 de Abril, carnations and all that
But as someone Portuguese said to me the other day, ‘the shame is not that we had a dictator or 50 years, but that we have had 50 years without one’

A 1 de Janeiro de 1986, Portugal aderiu às Comunidades Europeias (CE) juntamente com Espanha, que mais tarde se tornou a UE. Na altura, Portugal era considerado o país mais pobre da CE. Portugal é também um dos membros fundadores da Zona Euro.

Oooh, nós somos vizinhos :slight_smile:

Bastard, bastard thing came off today. Now, another month off work and therapy . . .


Holy shit, extreme sports @knob !

Get well soon mate & take care.

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:+1: (visual pun intended)

Hope it all goes well.

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Good luck with that,

I’m just in the door after a trip to Wellington to see Mayhem play at San Fran. Will share photos later.

Was a great show, my body is wrecked…no I wasn’t in the pit this time, more down to awkward standing position and hundreds of people packed into a small space.

Pics to follow.

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My boy Jakob, first concert, a tad late thanks to COVID but we got there eventually.


I have a terminal condition. It’s either a Linux rig, golf club or fishing rod.


Trail ride - central Otago Nz


Nice place @knob

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W O W !
:smiley: :+1: