Archlabs Rofi Config File

I can’t seem to change the theme for Rofi. Where is the default config file?

There isn’t one, we just set some basics in ~/.Xresources

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That fixed it, thanks!

Am I missing something here? I can’t seem to get application boxes transparent, it’s just solid black.

! Rofi 0
rofi.font: monospace 12
rofi.padding: 0
rofi.line-padding: 0
rofi.color-enabled: true
rofi.hide-scrollbar: true
rofi.separator-style: solid
rofi.color-window: #CC000000, #CCFFFFFF, #CCFFFFFF
rofi.color-normal: #CC000000, #CCFFFFFF, #CC000000, #CCFFFFFF, #CC000000
rofi.color-urgent: argb:EE000000, #f43753, argb:EE000000, argb:EE000000, #e29a49
rofi.color-active: argb:EE000000, #49bbfb, argb:EE000000, argb:EE000000, #e29a49
rofi.kb-cancel: Escape,Alt+F1

In the above example you have argb values where the first two characters are the hex value for opacity F being opaque and 0 being transparent, try


for fully transparent

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That did it, thanks again!