ArchLabs Repo Renaming

IMPORTANT: More changes coming after the recent refresh and me being back in the swing.

We’re renaming the ArchLabs repositories to be more inline with conventional naming and removing redundancy.
The existing repos will be kept for a short transition period then removed, I’ve just flushed them with unstable so everything is current.

We’re also renaming the github account (ARCHLabs → ArchLabs) which should still function properly from the old links for now thanks to redirects.

Existing users will need a bit of manual intervention - editing /etc/pacman.conf - near the bottom you will find the archlabs repo sections, we’re going to replace those with the following

# Server =$repo/raw/master/$arch

Server =$repo/raw/master/$arch
Server =$repo/raw/master/$arch
Server =$repo/$arch

If you’re currently using the testing/unstable repo then feel free to uncomment it, there’s no new packages in there vs stable at this time.

Be sure to run an update and sync the new repo databases afterwards

pacman -Syyu

This will very likely mean another ISO refresh in the near future before removing the old defunct repos.

Please let me know if you run into any issues or if I missed anything.



Thx for the hard work @natemaia . Appreciated.


updating and sync with the new repo databases went without any problems here.
great job @natemaia and the archlabs-team


Beginner’s question. :thinking:
When I open /etc / pacman.conf, it shows up in libre-office. After making the changes, how to save the changes.
Thank you.

Never edit system files with anything other than an ascii compliant editor like mousepad, geany, etc…preferably via a terminal with nano, joe, vim, etc… Get used to using the terminal, it will save your butt eventually.


The files in /etc are read-only for normal users. You will need to edit the file with a text editor (like geany or vim) with root privileges and then save the file normally. A word processor like libreoffice can mess up the formatting.

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On Gvim, When I want to save, it says “read only” … How to make it editable?

You need to sudo gvim “path to file” then you’ll have root privileges in order to edit.


OK, it’s good. Sorry for the disturbance.

No worries, here to help out.