Archlabs Proper Compton Filepath?

Hello, what is the proper config file for compton in ArchLabs? I’m using i3 and I can’t seem to see any changes after editing the following:


I should also note that compton’s GUI does not seem to save changes either.

Any help would be much appreciated!

It’s been my experience that if you copy the file /etc/xdg/compton.conf into your ~/.config directory, you can then modify that file to suit your own needs.

At that point, compton will use the file in ~/.config/compton.config
This answers your question if you don’t wish to modify the system file in /etc/xtg (which may not actually be advisable).



There is already a file in .config “~/.config/compton.conf”. Does it need to be renamed to compton.config?

That ought to be the file that is being used. You might want to see if the same file exists in just ~/ it might be .compton.conf

I just rechecked mine - it is definatly ~/.config/compton.conf
The file in ~/.config will be used by default unless it is not found. Then it will use the other in /etc/blah

Are you also restarting compton after you make the change?
I normally do a killall compton then run compton -b OR a simple logout and login should do also.

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No, I had not been restarting Compton. That fixed it, thank you so much!

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