ArchLabs Pet Screenshot Thread

Haha. We’ve had that happen to with our dog! The paper plate and napkin looked un-touched but the contents were gone. Saw a guy in a parking lot yelling at his dog once too for eating his burrito.


Lol, & the dog/cat answering back; It s mine all mine !

My wife and I were at dinner with friends at my wife’s flat (this was when we first met) and she had this cute little kitten. So, I cook this glorious roast lamb meal and we are all sitting down eating and (I was the only one to see this happen or even realise) all of a sudden I see this little furry body quick as a flash, jump up on the lap of the person across from me, pick up a whole lamb shop and leap off and run away with this chop almost as big as the kitten.

I literally fell of my chair, Blair the guy who’s chop was pinched had no idea. I later found out that he was as high as kite and actually didn’t know where he was.

But fuck me, it was amazing. I miss that little beast. Gorgeous, no doubt I have some photos somewhere.


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Have you ever seen those natural history programs of orcas / killer whales swimming fast towards then sliding up the beach on their sides with jaws open to take a lounging seal back to dinner?

That’s Salty stealing napkins from the dinner table

but that’s a Dog’s / Cat’s job

It’s my daughter that ‘took the biscuit’ (or toast in this case) - cheeky bugger, must get it from her mum, ahem …


The boys are keeping it locked down this week, just kevers and I.


Installed a cat hat on my thinkpad.


It’s useless to resist.

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Beautiful combo. :heart_eyes:

Priviledged cat … $1500 Thinkpad. :star_struck:

And twice as much in PL. Mean the laptop.

Based on his smiley face, I’d say kevers is pretty happy about it.

Does that pattern change with his mood? That would be pretty cool. He would be like Rorschach in The Watchmen.


lol, mine all mine says the cat !

He has one forest gump smiley on some side and then an Akira twisted biker gang tire iron smile on the other side. Never seen an animal with patterns like that. He’s kind of a cartoon altogether. Hide the roger rabbit dip!


A bit tired! :sleeping:


Lol, life s so hard ! I need a break.

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Salty stress testing the T410s


Lol, wonder if the lappy past the test !


He said it was a bit hard on his arse.
Any of his 4 Sofas are better, apparently


That looks like a painful run, between Mr. Salty and Kevin’s fat asses the TPs can take some weight.

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Hard as nails, my boy is

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