ArchLabs Pet Screenshot Thread

This has spawned from a mighty fine idea from @altman.

Post your latest desktop with you pet as your wallpaper!

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lol, wasn t my idea but inspired by both members that posted some in another thread

We have a regular zoo -

Our 18 year old cat that pretty much sleeps all day:

and our dog:

Still tweaking Fvwm; instead of application launchers, custom jgmenu launchers in the lower left.


lol, nice walls in there @PackRat

Makes me think that teens are a little bit like cats, sleep all day, get out at nights.

I’m afraid I’ve already shown this picture, but can’t take a new on in the night. :slight_smile:


Is that a Russian Blue? My in-laws used to have one.

Be cleaning cages later this week, maybe get some snake photos.

British Longhair, looks similar.

Haven’t yet seen any snake in the garden. I do hope it’s not going to change. :smiley:



lol, nice cat @Head_on_a_Stick . Meow meow !

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British! :wink:

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Arizona Glossy -Caught him at work in September 2000 - coming up on 20 years. He’s getting ready to shed.

Kenyan sand boa -Store bought him a couple years later:


Snake time @PackRat !