Archlabs openbox unable to get to the login page

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since you heard.
Unfortunately this morning I started the old archlabs and I don’t get to login anymore.
And except making updates I didn’t do anything, but perhaps inadvertently I did.
Someone can tell me what I have to do to fix, I need that system I have all my favorite things.
If I go to tty I insert username and password I access without problems but only in tty, when I do startx everything starts but I can not do anything.
Thanks for your help

use openbox

What do mean by everything? Openbox starts but is unusable, or you just have a black screen and maybe a mouse?

I think Xorg was just updated. What video card do you have?

Do you normally use lightdm or another login manager? Disable that service and reboot to check if you can log in with startx. Make sure you have a properly configured ~/.xinitrc.

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Hi Packrat,
unfortunately I messed up and then I reinstalled everything.
I have a copy of the / with all the data, but it is impossible to recreate a new boot with systemd-boot and I don’t understand why.
So I reinstalled again.
Thanks for your help

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