Archlabs openbox config on archlinux install, is it possible?

How could i install the default archlabs openbox theme setup on archlinux? I have currently installed archlinux on a laptop but i would like to use the archlabs openbox configuration on it as it is very nice. I do not really want to wipe archlinux to install archlabs as i have alot of stuff here configured

You have an ArchLabs install? The themes are in /usr/share/themes. Just copy them over; the openbox theme should be paired with the gtk3 theme.

Otherwise, the themes are available on the bitbucket page and you can download what you want.

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would there be a package in the archlabs repo that would configure openbox/tint and all that for me automatically? its alot of work to get all the openbox setup working as it is on archlabs install

Why not just stay with ArchLabs?

cause archlinux is installed and id have to wipe it and isntall archlabs

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… and?!

Do it! Do it!

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Cloning from bitbucket is the same as from gitlab etc. though? Pretty easy and you wouldn’t have to do major surgery…

I’m pretty noob when it comes to configs but I’ve been here a month and actually slowly gone through reading the configs, docs, and how-to’s, and it’s much easier for me now.

I think the better question that you should be asking on the Arch Linux forum is this:
How can I incorporate a theme from another distro into Arch Linux.

Then, its up to you to determine what is what in the other distro as to what the colors are set to, where the wallpapers are, and how to edit your own configs to rice up your Arch Linux install.

That would be the proper way of going about what you want. Just my opinion of course.


Also, you can go and incorporate part by part instead of getting everything as a whole. Way more instructive and rewarding IMO.

Are you currently running openbox, or something else (WM/DE) ?

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However, I’m in agreement with @Chris. Backup your belongings and trade one Arch install for another. I boot from an SSD but backup my tunes and other files to not only an internal 2TB platter drive but also to an external hd (for safe keeping). 15 to 20 minutes for a fresh installation and another 15 to copy my configs over… Good to go. If you enjoy wm’s, it’s a practical and wise habit to get into.

If you really like the ArchLabs experience… That’s the quickest and best approach imo.


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