ArchLabs OCI Image

UPDATED 06/11/22

Guessing most of the regulars saw my June screenshot, I’ve been working on an ArchLabs OCI Image for podman and/or docker. The end result is to be able to use it with those tools or something like distrobox where you can use graphical applications or a full blown wm/de from a container.

It’s just a Dockerfile at the moment but eventually I’m planning on publishing images.

Currently you can set your username, password, shell, and window manager. Please refer to the “ARG” values in the Dockerfile for the default values of each. You can change some other stuff at build time but it’s not really relevant to this post.

I’ve only implemented dk & openbox as window manager choices at the moment. I’ll add the rest shortly.


To build it you’ll need to clone the al-oci repo, then inside the al-oci directory clone the archlabs iso repo. Then build the Dockerfile.

For example with podman you’d do the following to build a dk container:

buildah bud --no-cache --rm=false --build-arg USER=cog --build-arg PASS=cog --build-arg SHELL=bash --build-arg WM=dk -t archlabs .

Then to run it:

podman run -it --name archlabs --hostname archlabs archlabs /bin/bash


Excellent, thanks for the share @cog

Hope everyone gets some mileage out of it. I’ve just updated the Dockerfile and the OP with all the new features. You can now set your username, shell, and window manager.

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Top @cog

I need to move user creation below WM installation that way skel gets populated. Also add PATH stuff to bashrc and zshrc. Containers → X won’t source .xprofile properly. THe funny thing is @nwg sway stuff will probably work way better without any changes.

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Also need to gut the fucker like a fish (removing tons of deps) ideally it should only have the WM deps and a few X11 deps to manipulate the host some but nothing else. @Dobbie03 just tagging you for shits and grins.

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