ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


right now i’m in a walking boot! To me, a sign your getting older is having an injury yet not remembering an event that caused it. Just woke up with a pain! lol sigh


Well , that sux big time. When that it did happened. @FluffyUnicorn


Well 2 days ago, but the walking boot helps immensely. Its all good, I’ve had alot of issues since a bad injury 7 years ago. Things come and go now days, one has to remember it could have been worse and be grateful for what is.


Might be coming on & off like on my side.

Yep , well said.


Perhaps you were trying to kick the bucket. But someone said NO! :joy::rofl::joy:


lol, might be so !

Old farts like us don t remember everytings ! lol


what were we talking about?


Yep @altman, by the way, who are you and what you doing in my house! :joy::rofl::joy:


I don’t know. Something about kicking the bucket. Or is it we have one foot on a banana :banana: peel and another on an oil spill? :joy:


These are old jokes that we have in this thread.@FluffyUnicorn

& I still don t remember it myself.


dammit this forum is sucking me in like back in the late 90’s. Need… to… go… outside…lets see cane, depends, yell at kids on my lawn, ok onwards


The ArchLabs forum is the best place to get lost in nostalgia!


Sometimes I think we just get lost, period! :joy:


@FluffyUnicorn, don’t forget to peek through the blinds at your neighbor every time you hear something. Damn, this walker only has one speed…very, very slow. I need to install overdrive on this stupid thing…


haha, reminds me, back in 90’s I lived in a small fishing town on the west coast of USA. The houses were very close together, like 10-20ft. So my wife and I proceeded to have very loud, raunchy and not PC sounding lovemaking. Afterwords, lying in the glow I heard outside noises?!?! Quickly I bolted over to the OPEN window by the bed and open the blinds. There, sitting on his porch is my elderly neighbor in his chair smiling, he waved.


lol, that s what small places are right !


Talk for yourself ! lol j/k @sevenday4


@FluffyUnicorn Welcome to the ripe fruit club :grinning:

TMI but you should be more careful, you can break parts at your age :joy:


Well that was o 22 years ago or so. Nowadays we just rub our wheelchair tires together


lol, we used to detail our cars years ago, now it s the wheelchairs ,