ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


Nah, I was looking forward to a magic pill but will pass on the makeup, thanks :grin:


lol, bad boy.


@altman That’s not to say, I haven’t sat and been experimented upon… 5 Daughters after all. I alternate between long hair styles and short because of my girls and have had my hair colored nearly every color in the rainbow :stuck_out_tongue:


lol @Glenn , with 5 girls, you must have seen loads of colors ! lol


@altman Thankfully, I’ve also got 2 Sons who had the honor of sharing in the grief. Hair’s very short now but just a few months ago, had blond hair to the center of my back with two light purple streaks and I have multiple ear piercings so come to think of it, makeup wouldn’t be much of a stretch at this point! :joy:


lol, hope the girls wont make you look like a clown ! lol @Glenn


Oh dude, you’ve got no idea the laughter I’ve had to endure :rofl:


I knew it! You were hiding in plane sight! And here you’re blaming your five daughters! Shame on you for passing the traditional daughters torturing there father on your two sons! You probably enjoyed every moment, the torture of your sons that is. Have you tried blush? :joy::rofl::joy:


I try to imagine yourself @Glenn ! lol


Not in public… Yet. It’s a good thing they won’t read this or I’d be abused out of spite the next time we’re all together :crazy_face:


@Glenn so true! But the revenge comes when you get them married off and say to their new husbands, “good luck, you’ll need every bit of it.” Or take their kids and give them lots of sugar. Then give them back and say, “have fun!” As you walk away laughing. :joy:


Grand parents s revenge ! lol


3 out of 7 are now married and if you guys aren’t grandfathers yet… I highly recommend it :slight_smile:

I’ve loved every minute with my ladies and if it meant I occasionally became the family guinea pig, I’m better for it. When the grandkids get a bit older, it’s their dad’s turn though… Hehehe


@Glenn. I have the age to be a grand father, but I have my little nephew that s pretty much a little monster( a good one ! lol)Y when he leaves I m done for a week !


Awesome, they’re a joy aren’t they? I feel your pain though :grin:


lol!Don t know how my brother & his girl friend are copping with it ! lol


Hahaha! :joy:

It may be an acquired skill, takes a lot of patience :wink:


i’m in


Welcome to the club ! One more in it ! lol @FluffyUnicorn


You poor thing! Lol Do you know what you’re getting into? The biggest clue is that I am part of this club! Not to mention @altman and @Glenn. :joy: by the way, welcome to the club and hope you enjoy our wacky sense of humor as we slip on the banana :banana: peel. :joy:
Okay, who stole my walker…