ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


I knew there was a dastardly plot! Wait a minute, I am part of AL! Gulp! :joy::rofl::joy:


@sevenday4 , everything s a plot ! lol


Ah, you already have a ‘plot’ picked out for me you old geaser @altman. Now thanks to you I have a complex! I was fine with my insanity, now you’re making me insane!:joy::rofl::joy:


@theUndertaker I think it’s time. ^




What!? So that you can come back as a zombie! Don’t come after me, I only have two brain cells…:joy::rofl::joy:


Well, that’s two more than I started with so… Ya know, you do the math :joy:


It’s really bad when they argue. One jumps out my left ear, and the other the right ear. And you know what is really scary? When a politician comes to me after that happens and says, I wish I had half the brains that you have! :yum::rofl::joy:


@sevenday4 , now s the time to take it easy on your 2 cells ! lol


Guess that we have no new Old Farts in here !lol


Nope just you! :joy:


lol, & you !


Yeppers, I’m still here and haven’t gotten younger… Yet.

But I’m open to suggestions :grin:


I keep telling people that I’m 5.5 years old. Do you think anyone is buying that? :rofl:
I’m still waiting for my old fart :dash: kit!


It costs too much to look younger ! lol


@sevenday4 Guess you mistake some digits here ! lol


Well, I certainly don’t :joy:

… And too painful. I was kinda hoping for a magic pill :slight_smile:


Well we could always put globs of foundation and make up on. But in the morning, aaaagh godzilla has awaken! Run for your lives! :joy::rofl::joy:


You better ! lol


Hmmmm, sounds like you speak from experience. So, that’s how you roll huh? :thinking:



Hey I invented this! Do you want to try this @Glenn, you did say that it is usually painful to try and look… :joy: