ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


Hey now, I may be 50-ish-something but I’m in pretty damn good shape, even got carded the other day buying table wine for the fam :grin:


Lol! It must be nice to have that compliment, getting carded I mean! My issue though is because of the injuries I sustained from those accidents that leaves with migraines and bad headaches.


What does ‘got carded’ mean my friend?
I assume ‘they’ asked for your ID card as proof of age…


I hear ya @sevenday4 :slight_smile: Wish those would get better for you.

@mrneilypops Exactly, most my hair is still blond but had a little grey covered that day with a baseball cap. Yeah, it was kind of nice to be asked.


‘Blondes have more fun’ ? :rofl: My hair is almost white… but hey ho…
‘Getting carded’ in a liquor store (off-license/public house) in Europe would be unusual if you looked 18+(don’t quote me) :wink:
It is impressive that;
a) you look so young
b) the authorities are taking care over alcohol sales


My hair is black, so stand back!:joy: although now it’s more salt and pepper!:grin:


I remember the ‘salt and pepper’ stage :sunglasses:
It can be quite a ‘distinguished’ look…for a time :wink:


Absolutely if you don’t mind hanging out with these old dudes. I’m really only here to lend them support during this phase of their senility, fragile as they are… You know, helping out when I can with the senior community…

Hahaha! :joy:

Yes @theUndertaker everyone is welcome to participate :slight_smile:


Some grey hair , so I don t get carded ! lol


Yep, @theUndertaker s gotta take care of these old farts ! lol


Oh really @Glenn! So you’re not an old man of a 100? Should I ask Mrs. Glenn how old you are? Talk about senility!:joy::rofl::joy:


With the psuedo name of @theUndertaker, it worries me that he may be looking for customers. And some of the old geasers on this forum may kick the bucket very soon!:joy::rofl::joy: Of course the @theUndertaker can hang around you old senile farts. :joy:


@sevenday4 , lol you bet !


Hahahaha! That was funny as hell! :rofl::joy:


I don’t even have even have burial insurance! It’s a good thing his pseudo name isn’t ‘theGrimReaper!’ :joy::rofl::joy:


hahaha, my username is based off of one of my favorite wrestlers (the Undertaker). I’d be glad to take care of you all :smiley:


Uh, I think my wife is calling me, talk to your bud @Glenn, I think you give him a discount for frequent burials. :joy::rofl::joy:


@theUndertaker , happy that you re on our side there ! lol


What are you getting discounts for frequent burials referrals too @altman? Just kidding @theUndertaker, but as for @altman:joy::rofl::joy:


@sevenday4 , we re all getting some discounts when your an AL old fart . lol