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I don’t know the exact name of the test, occult fecal blood test may be the name. My wife is a cna, so had to ask her. Who ever thought when you are getting old would be a pain in the butt!:grin:


So true. A very intentional effort being made in the US as well regarding the risks of colon cancer and the obvious benefits of routine colonoscopy.

My first colonoscopy two years ago, saved my life. No symptoms, no warning but they found and removed cancer. I’m now required to have one every year but that’s a small price to pay.


@Glenn I’m glad they found that cancer. A lot cancers are caused from life choices unfortunately. I stay away from processed sugar as much as possible and eat very little to no animal products. These generally causes your system to be acidic, the perfect environment for cancer. There’s some cancer unfortunately that are passed down from the family.


@Glenn , glad they found out mate !


Thanks, me too :slight_smile:


Mine was undoubtedly hereditary, my paternal grandmother died of it.


Thus far,since turning 50, I have had 8 polyps removed-the last procedure was a bit borderline on the cancer development potential (partly my fault for not adhering to the test frequency) So now my test interval has been reduced from 5 years to 3 years…

We get Government health dept. test kits in the post to kick off the routine.


Wholy crap, lucky you mate ! Got it on time.


@mrneilypops Really happy to hear they caught it. Keep those appointments man! :slight_smile: That’s exactly what my surgeon told me, if non or even pre-cancerous polyps are found and removed, the schedule is every 3 years. He also said, “the bad news is, you’ll probably die one day” but “the good news is, it’s not going to be from colon cancer” :grin:


Keep those appointments man!

I think my wife will kill me if I do not keep to the schedule next time.
She is from Scotland and does not mess about man :cry:
Perfect summary!


How true! @mrneilypops I’m glad they caught them in time. As @Glenn said, you better keep those appointments or I’ll find you and kick you in the arse! Obviously, cancer is not something to take lightly.


Lol, you better listen right !


Yup, not listening to your Wife regardless of nationality can have serious and lasting detrimental effects upon a great many things. :thinking::grin:


@Glenn . You bet !


Well on some things. But a frying pan upside my head isn’t what I would want to face😂



lol, wonder that you listen afterward ! lol j/k had to write it mate !


A woman who takes care of her man! What a concept! So many try to put men down as buffoons and not worthy of being married to a woman these days. I’m glad there’s those of us married couples who blasts that lie out of the water. I hope your wife continues to make sure that you do what you need to do. By the way, my wife is part German and part Irish, talk about a firebrand! And I love to pieces. Just watch out for the frying pan!:grin:


I just turned 18! Can I join?


@theUndertaker, Too young, come back @ 50 yo ! lol


Boy, to have the physical shape and vigor of youth! @theUndertaker enjoy your youth while you can! It will be soon enough that you will yearn to be young again. Now where did I park my walker…:wink: