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@mrneilypops , lol no problem mate.


Haha! 53.95 here and I married an older Woman. Mrs. Glenn is two years my senior so thankfully, I can point my finger back at her and say ‘no matter what, you’ll always be older than me’ :joy:

Welcome to the club!



Mrs. Glenn is two years my senior

Mrs.neilypops is 2 years my senior…how weird is that.:wink:
We have the same advantage of relative youth :rofl:


@mrneilypops , lol, weird right !


Downright freaky really!

We do and it’s dirty tactical advantage I shamelessly employ whenever age becomes the topic of conversation around here… It begins by me saying something like “Yeah but you know…” That’s normally followed by her hand coming up, while saying “not another word” and it pretty much ends there :joy:


The four old grumps with a sense of humor. I think this world is in biiiiiiiiiig trouble! My wife is several years my senior. I find that older women are more stable. There’s only room for one unstable individual in this marriage. Fortunately, she has a sense of humor or she would end up in the insane asylum. :joy:


@sevenday4 , lol you bet mate, not normal to have some kind of sence of humor right now.


@mrneilypops you poor man! Wait a minute, I am in the same situation with the hand. :grin:


@altman I really don’t understand why people don’t have a sense of humor. Must be a very sad life! I tell people that God has a sense of humor and this is how I know. He made the monkeys, then the otters, then he made me!:grin:


Yep , you see them at most places & jobs. Looks like if you have some sort of humor you must be on some drugs or whatever.


Having a sense of humor helps me deal with life especially when not feeling well. But yes, there seems to be those who walk around virtually sucking lemons!:neutral_face:


@sevenday4 , so true mate.


one of the joys of getting older and yet another good reason to maintain a sense of humor at all times…
joking apart a necessary pain in the ‘ar**’.


I told my doctor that my hole is an exit only hole. No snake is entering in. I’m afraid they go too far and see light, if you know what I mean. The doctor ended up cracking up. She said ‘I can actually picture that!’ Well from that, I’m definitely not getting a colonoscopy! What a pain in the a$$!:grin:



Well, I see your point - no snakes incoming :rofl:, but on a serious point there is a big ANTI colon cancer program in my country and I would recommend this, sad but true, as a preventative measure. No fun at the time but as Billy C. describes quite hilarious in retrospect.


Well, there’s other tests that can be used for screening, which I opted for. But as for jokes about colonoscopy you should check these out:

And you are right colon cancer isn’t funny. But, as I said there are other ways to test for that. But Billy was hilarious!


Thanks for the link :sunglasses:
Can you give me a pointer as to alternative tests? I am not aware of any alternative screening tests locally and I am scheduled yet another colonoscopy (Y.A.C. :grin:) in 2020.
pm me if you prefer.


Lol, that s a good one in there @mrneilypops !


Cheers old chap!



Same back at you young man ! lol