ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


@sevenday4 , you bet !


@sevenday4 Ahhh, that wasn’t water :joy:


Yeah I pretty much said the same. I can just see him now bent over with his cane with his hand to his ear saying, what did you say sonny?:joy:


What! You never had a faucet that is mastodon? You must be a young whipper snapper!:joy:


Well, older than I wish but feel younger than I am :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that. I have seen kids 20 years younger than me act like they are ready to kick the bucket even though they are in good health. I sure would like to trade places with one of them!:sunglasses:


Yeah, I hear ya @sevenday4 but I think if given the option, I wouldn’t change a single thing.


Well, there’s a few things I would have liked to have done differently. But having migraines 85% of the time is one thing I would like to get rid of. Being stuck in bed is not fun. These started after the last car hitting me. I would love to be able to a lot of things I can not do now.


I can understand that, sure hope the best for you @sevenday4 :slight_smile:


Thanks, although I’m not trying to bring attention to my situation. Just pointing out that some things would I love to have changed. Now for my lunacy…:grin:


Well, I didn’t want to say anything… :thinking: :joy:


Two peas in a pod, eh.:joy:


Yes sir, I think so :slight_smile:


lol, looks like we re only 3 old farts in here !


@altman Right! The three nutty Amigos :grin:


@Glenn , you bet mate ! Might have some other members in a couple of years ! Never know ! lol


I’m thinking @mrneilypops is a candidate for sure and there’s probably others but they’re hiding… lol


I am only 59.5, the better half does refer to me as the ‘Grumpy Old Man’
So I guess I sign up to the O.F.C. :face_with_monocle:

P.S. 60 IS THE NEW 50 :joy:


@mrneilypops , lol . A young Grumpy Old Man !


Thank you.