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I think the Altima was a 2012 or 13, can’t remember but looked a lot like your picture. I’m actually not sure about the Ford’s brakes. It could have the Brembo kit, they’re pretty big.


Cool , what year s your ST, pretty sure you ve got them on , but I can be at fault here.

If the Altima was 12/13, it would be a different model than the 05 like the one I have. Sure the pic s pretty small, hard to tell.


It’s a '17 but don’t think all st’s had that brake kit. It may have but I hardly get a chance to play with it. It’s suposed to be our ‘family’ car. right…


lol, that s one family car I would get ! Will check it out about the brakes.


Gee, same front rotor diameter as my SER Altima, but gotta check if the STs got the Brembos.


The brakes are nice but have always pulled slightly to the left and the car’s got terrible wheel pull under hard acceleration but it’s a nice car and yellow so it suits her well. The backseat’s good for fairies and elves but not for human beings.


I’ll have to wait to see but don’t think it’s brembos, could be wrong though.


I know Ford got some on a model, don t remember which one, ST or something alike.

Anyways, it doesn t matter much


No, calipers are red but not brembo. Rotors are slotted but not cross drilled.


@Glenn , ah thx for the comeback, they put large brakes on the ST , much better than Nissan would ve done even if I m a Nissan-Infinity guy for now .


@altman Brembo’s went on the RS not ST. Nissan’s a nice car man and actually has room for your legs if riding in the back :slight_smile:


Ah , forgot about the RS, you got it there.

True, some Nissans have some good back leg room .


Made this into your own topic there Grandpas.


You just wait @Dobbie03, your time is coming! Now where did I leave…:grin:



lol, good one in there !

Love the title.


I was laughing at the title, it fits to a tee! I’m sure @Dobbie03 is having a blast reading posts from us old farts! I wonder what he would think if we told him we used to walk our pet dinosaurs every day. Boy do I miss my brontosaurus!:joy:


Ohhh… Ha…Ha…Ha! :grin:

You’re not immune, time will sneak up on you too lol


True @Glenn He ll be an old fart one day ! lol


@sevenday4 , lol, reminds me of the Flintstones with Dino the dog !


Exactly, I remember taking showers where a mastodon would spray me with water. :joy: