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Some holy water please. Alright, I told my wife to put 2 bottles of porter into my coffin.


Meanwhile I’m cooking. And, since my cooking thread got closed, I’ll ask here: who knows what’s cooking?


I’m still roaming around… especially with a walker that goes backwards… and my cane hits me on the head… my shaw trying to suffocate me… my hearing aid allowing me to hear voices… j/k:laughing:


Hell, I needed Google to understand! :slight_smile:


lol, bad boy


One of the things you’re cooking looks like squash. I have a vegetable garden, although right now it’s getting more burried in snow :snowflake:.


Mishit! Cabbage rolls, Polish version.


Wow, I like these ! Must be tasty.


It is. A little annoying in preparation, but worth of effort.


Yep , takes a little while right !


Any good food is such. The reward is the eating of your creation. Cabbage huh, must be a different version of cabbage that I’m not familiar with.


There’re several eastern dishes worth of effort. Usually known as national at the same time in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and so on. :slight_smile:


Yep , so many versions of it @sevenday4 @nwg


Who closed that? I’ll re-open it.


Good news! Old farts should not eat too much. :wink:


lol, it s what everybody s been telling me !


Too late! Why do you say such after the deed!:laughing:





lol, so I m ok , BL s on Debian, good for us old farts.


Back to python 3.5? No kidding.