ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


Mine goes backwards but only on hills :slight_smile:

See, another great home pic which could have been posted here.

hint, hint, hint :wink:


OK, let me find something. Will be several years old.


A greeting guys! I’ve prepared a vehicle for you, I hope you like it, every club needs a truck!!


Not bad. I’d rather expect something like this, though:



If @altman drives, the van will jump like the truck, like in a rally :blush:


May God protect us.


lol, yep, this one might be tough enough for us right !


lol, hold on !


Old Farts looks quiet ! lol Any new members !


We look extinct. :joy:


lol, pretty much it I guess. Guess we have issues trying to find the computer ! lol


Just in case I have plenty of them. I’ll always find one accidentally. No, I was busy at growing a Bushy Beard. What an epic failure!


lol, looks like mine also. Pretty screwed up, wonder why !


We seem immature yet.


I’m 30 years old but my whole body hurts. Save me a place for shortly friend @altman


lol, immature, mature Old Farts, that may be why !


lol, bit too young I guess @Negata ! lol


You are standing right above the grave, bro. Welcome to O.F.C!


lol, good one.


In meetings I can bring you coffee, beer or whatever you need