ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


Any new recruits ! looks like it s quiet here !


I’m thinking @nwg may be a taker.


Yep , waiting on him, he might try to find the way , it took us loads of time to find it.! lol


Breadcrumbs and a walker, perhaps lol


lol, might be that


Awwww, crap. The night of coming out? Alright, I’m 52. Can even attach a selfie.


Wow, much better than me ! can t take selfees ! lol Too old for that.

Glad to see you here mate !


Actually, that’s a great pic @nwg

Post it here too…



I was looking for a good picture to add to this thread, but found nothing. Will post something fresh.


Okay, where’s the walker?


Hurry up , you ll miss the action ! lol


You mean this?


Yep , but it s too fast for us. lol


I bet you I can beat you in a race. But first, I have to figure out how to get out of reverse! :joy:


Turn around @sevenday4 . lol The handles don t face backward right !


No, it’s facing the right direction. But I can’t see it as I am walking until I turn around… :joy:


I only have such a device. And it doesn’t go backwards.


Ah! The first airplane! So how does it work under water? :laughing:


Must check one day.


Nicee @nwg