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ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)

Don’t include me here! I only just cracked 40.


We can wait for you a while. But remember we’re not getting younger. :rofl:

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LOL! If only we could freeze our age as it is.


lol, bad boy

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You’d never see kernel 7.x.

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lol, I don t wanna see it either ! lol

Okay kid, but we have reserved a spot for you when your time comes! :laughing: But we will be decrepit by that point… :joy::rofl::joy: And no, I would rather be in my thirties when freezing time for me. Going around in a walker that goes backwards for ever would be hell, not to mention how many rocking chairs I would wear out… :crazy_face:

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And by the way @TimApple, you can keep your dust, I’m dusty as it is… :joy:

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@sevenday4 dusty isn’t bad…once it turns to crusty your in trouble.


Ask your wife how it’s done. If she’s like mine, she is still 29.

They will never give up that secret.


That’s easy: if somebody says otherwise, make his life miserable until he reconsider.
That’s how I am still 20 yo.
Anybody disagree?


Better not @pippo ! lol

My wife is 38 and still gets asked for ID when buying alchohol.


lol, any women s dream right !


Bet that she s really hangry when it happens lol

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Well, crusty can be chisled of if you don’t mind dings, scratches, or holes in the body…

Some people has that luck. After I hit 40 I don’t get id’d for stuff that young people get id’d for. Just the other day I bought a hacksaw, the register asked if I was older than 17. The cashier didn’t even ask for id…

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Why would you need ID for purchasing a hacksaw?

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lol, it always amaze me to what stages of stupidity it gets on with time.