ArchLabs O.F.C. (Old Farts Club)


You’re old geaser like me @altman? I remember walking in snow over my head barefooted and uphill in both directions…:grin:

Post Your uname -a

@sevenday4 . lol, welcome to the old fart s club mate !


You poor man @altman. Always stuck in your rocker. At least I have a walker at least… oh, man my walker is on a couple of blocks with missing wheels!:joy:


@sevenday4 , lol , you bad boy.


AAA just denied my request for assistance. They said I have the wrong walker model and they don’t service it. :joy:


@sevenday4 , lol , I can understand why, same thing in here !


Well I guess I’ll just shuffle to my rocker and put my blanket on my lap…what was I trying to do again?:joy:



Yep, we can t do much at our age right !lol


I keep forgetting what I was trying to get or do when I go into another room. It’s even worse when I am talking and can’t remember what I was trying to say!:grin:


lol, sometimes it can be of some help when on your side.


I guess it’s called brain fart. Wait didn’t you call me an old fart…:grin:


@sevenday4 , yes sir ! lol

Nop, called us old fart, not the same right !


I was wondering what I was smelling…now where’s my depends…:grin:


@sevenday4 , lol


Man, what’a couple of geezers. Haven’t you got like a shuffleboard match or bingo to play? :sunglasses:


@Glenn , too extreme for me to play these mate ! lol


@altman Yeah well, I’m probably older than you both. Is that your Altima btw?


@Glenn , it s not my Altima, but it s the same color, this one s much cleaner than mine !

Gonna have the quarter & doors repainted in Sept if nothing changes.

Edit: It s a pic I picked from the interweb.


Very nice cars, we thought about an Altima and came damn close before finding the Focus st. The Focus is fast and handles like a dream but the Altima would have been the much smarter choice.


Thx mate, what year was the Altima, the Focus is pretty decent ride, Guess you re much better of with the ST. Do they have Brembos on it !