'Archlabs missing firmware' notices, apperently kernel-related, during install

Hello guys, I’m new here and I may have put this in the wrong forum. Feel free to move it.

I’ve used seven or eight different Linuxes on the Debian branch. I’m considering a move to ArchLabs partly because I miss CrunchBang.

I attempted to install AL on a much-used netbook over the weekend. The computer in question has worked happily with several different Linuxes.

Early in the install I got a series of warnings about missing firmware identified by 6 or 7-letter codes. I noted several down and will gladly share but I’d like to keep this general so I’ll just mention that the first of them was XHCI_PCI and that there’s some online discussion of that one. (There were five or six others.)

The installer seemed to work around the problems but while it was building and installing all the downloaded apps it flashed up a prompt for me to fix the issues (which had only been identified by flashed-up messages 10min earlier) and then closed down the install process. I tried with both the vanilla and LTS kernels; same problem.

I’m guessing that, if I was familiar with Arch I’d recognize what was going on. I don’t need specific hand holding but if someone could explain the problem in a couple of sentences and point me at an appropriate resource?

Best, NP.

You might have a look @natemaia s last post on this thread, it might help you out @niftyprose ;

The missing firmware warning from mkinitcpio can be ignored but I suspect the problem you’re having with the install failing is just due to an out of date installer (should be 2.1.6X)

Thanks guys. I reviewed the thread carefully.

I can’t verify which installer version I was using. However, I downloaded the ISO from the ArchLabs website the same night I did the install, so the installer should have been up to date. It’s worth mentioning that the PC in question is five years old, so hardware issues relating to the kernel would presumably have been fixed.

I retain a particular USB stick for {a clean copy of whatever distro I’m on at the moment}. Given the problems I experienced and the likely hassle of migrating from Debian to Arch I replaced the ArchLabs ISO with BunsenLabs., which installed smoothly apart from a few hiccups relating to disk formatting.

I’ll probably give ArchLabs another try in future, so I’ll keep the forum membership going.

Best, NP

Too bad that you re gone but welcomed anytime.