ArchLabs logo play

Here is a beginning (kernel) of an approach and idea.

Take a look and let me know if you have any thoughts. Please remember this is the start, not the end. There is nothing firm here. My basic start point is to attempt to create something new, ‘fun’ and befitting an homage to Led Zeppelin’s zoso logo.

N.B.: if you note the space in the two different transliterations, the fir letter = A and the 5th= L.

Enjoy. I’ll duck.


Wow, nicee @manyroads .

Never heard of these Futhark runics before, learn something everyday right !

Here’s a simple draft…ArchLabsLogo2


Cool, nice iteration in there !

That is awesome.

Keep it up!

What colors do you want, boss? :wink:

I, also, am on the hunt for the Led Zep font I seem to remember as having been hollow…

Colours I shall leave up to you :smiley: Surprise me

Okay… I’ll probably stick with arch blue and black for use on light backgrounds; and arch blue/ white for dark backgrounds.

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Nice idea. Prefer Futhark clear lines and shapes myself.
Please don’t mix different letter types - i mean curved ones with sharp corners.
Easier to design main shapes with shades of grey and color it after.

Here are the two fonts together…

And here’s one adding in a Celtic Infinity symbol…

Nicee @manyroads

We need one with Odins knot or eye.

Odin’s knot it is… I’ll look for a nice image to use in the logo. I think all users should be able get their own special helm as well.

@Dobbie03 Here you are…


I think if you want Odin’s knot… we might be better off using a more readily readable font. The kasmir A tends to look a lot like an “O”. I’ll see what I can find.

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Looks very cool

Here’s one with a more readable font… colors are blah right now.


Top again @manyroads

And one more until the morrow… I actually think I might like this one best (I don’t get a vote…)

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Oddly enough Arch Labs in Klingon is… Labs Arch… Go figure
However, in Vulcan… Kesek labs

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