ArchLabs Linux Docs

I am sad to announce that our wiki will be closing, as of the 23rd of September,2018. However, I am excited to tell you all about our new documentation site that will replace the wiki. Our new site, for the first time, since our original release, will allow our community and user base to contribute their working knowledge to the documentation. I did this, because I believe that opening our documentation up to our community will help it grow and better support the user base.

The new ArchLabs Linux Docs can be found by clicking on this hyperlink: ArchLabs Linux Documentation
If you wish to become a contributor to the documentation, please follow the instructions under "How to Contribute."


Thx appreciate the hard work you guys are doing.

@AvnSgt You’re doing a fantastic job and your efforts are very appreciated.

Excellent @AvnSgt. I think if we can make it as close as possible to a working manual, it would be the first of its kind. Wiki has a lot to be desired as far as having working manual for any distro.

Thanks to @sevenday4, @anon37345411, and @altman, for replying to the thread and recognizing the effort put to making the documentation possible. The true measure of its success will be based upon, how our community and user base, embraces the tools provide to them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looking good @AvnSgt, let me know if I can help in anyway.

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On a project of this scale, we need writers/contributors, as well as help managing the repository. Currently I am writing, and @TimApple is assisting me with the approval processes, for merging branches. The new docs, is a very ambitious undertaking, and can be expanded very easily.


I’m with Matt, just let me know how I can help @AvnSgt

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I am in the process of configuring a template for the issue tracker to track needs and assign for tracking. And, as I said, on a project of this scale, we need currently will be writers/contributors. This would be our area of need, and should be addressed first.

For writing, does it use the markdown format of github, or something else?
And, do the information need to be AL specific or rather something general and not dedicated to AL ?

Thank you for your interest, but I am not sure you are what we are looking for in a writer.