ArchLabs Knowledge Base

The much promised ArchLabs Knowledge Base is finally out.

Thanks to @AvnSgt for the hard work here.

You can find this handy information here. The Knowledge Base can also be accessed from the ArchLabs front page.

This resource isn’t there to answer technical questions, it’s more about a rundown on the application/utility and how it works. If you need further information please leave a post here.



@AvnSgt is pretty much an walking Archlabs walking encyclopedia. I took a quick look, pretty good and well organized. :+1:

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We have some real knowledge amongst our team and users. It’s a real asset.

I have a suspicion by the time we’re finished, we would have a solution for every linux issue out there, and every imaginable way to configure a linux system. Come to think about it, we may even figure out all the ancient mysteries that are yet to be solved!:smirk:

If only! I am sure we will expand as time goes on.


Awesome, thanks… looking forward to being able to contribute some day.


Thank you for all the work done so far on the “Knowledge Base”.


Hey Guys,

How does one contribute to this? Thought I should add jgmenu

Hit up @AvnSgt A.K.A. Larry. He can add you to the gitpage.

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Will do, thanks

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Just came across this today.

Is it actively being maintained? No new content since 2018.

I get a 404 page on the first link posted on the original post, same when I right click and launch the link in Openbox. Looks like the knowledge base hasn’t been updated for a while.

Try this:


Well now, this is pretty cool, thanks!

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Thx @SqdnGunny

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Didn’t know it exists. Should link to the front page

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Good idea in there @chroot

It’s not really being maintained. I attempted 12 months ago to update it but lost focus. There is nothing there you won’t find at the Arch Wiki.

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