Archlabs is not arch ( someone said )

Hi folks,
(New to arch OS in general )

Recently I was in a conversation about Linux Distros,
Naive enough I explained my transition from macOS to Ubuntu and now to arch(labs)

one of the participants told me " archlabs is not arch"

what is the core difference and why the arch community is such a pain when it comes to this comparison?

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Because we’re pretty sick of clueless n00bs who’ve used an installer coming over to our forums and spamming them with nonsense threads.

What makes Arch Arch is the fact that the user has to do everything themselves and so the user has a very good idea about what to do when something goes wrong. Using an automated installer deprives the user of this knowledge and makes it very difficult for them to fix it when (not if) it breaks.

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Now I am confused. Are y with arch or archlabs on this ?

And yes. I hear you on that.

But for some users. In order to use arch they might want to start from archlabs…
if something, it’s a good opportunity to do the first step into the arch environment.

Both :slight_smile:

I have almost 5,000 posts on the Arch forums and I’ve been there for five years so I’m fairly comfortable speaking on behalf of the community.

In my first post on this honest forum I asked if you wanted to take care of a homeless Archer. My posts counter on Arch Linux forums stopped at number 5, and is not going to make any progress soon.

Generally speaking I see archlabs as a good steppingstone to goto arch
I bet it’s annoying for arsh users to fiddle with the archlabs queries sometimes.

On a similar note I find it a bit annoying now when my Ubuntu friends are telling me things about arch.

I usually invite them to join and see the beauty.
I use this sense of “separation” and “annoyance” to educate them

Feel free to ignore this post… “there’s nothing to see here”…

[rant]One of the true challenges with Linux is that it is different (significantly) from WinOSes & MacOSes & most every OS that is not *nix based. Many, many refugees to this *nix world are scared to work hard, unfamiliar with basic computing, and are often unwilling, or incapable, of learning how a computer works.

@anon42040838 and many others like him do an outstanding job, on many forums, of replying, helping, and coaching noobs & experienced users. Sadly, too many of the people they try to help simply refuse to respond constructively to help/ coaching and learn from their errors or take their learning forward to their next tasks.

Over time, the population of people who want everything to be like a Windows machine, work like a Mac, and be free continues to grow.

In the end those who have invested thousands of hours learning, working, and improving the *nix world simply get frustrated with those (refugees) who want free support, free results and provide little tangible effort or support themselves. [/rant]


This has nothing to do with my case. I contribute to FOSS with several projects. I’ve never asked a single question on Arch forums. If I had to name the reasons I dislike the Arch forums for, the winner is: absolutely no feedback to my contributions. There’re many others, too.

In all fairness anyone can tell me what’s the difference between arch and archlabs.

Is it just the installer process
Is it fandumental culture behind the communities ?
Is it something else ?


With Arch the user knows exactly what’s going on “under the hood” because they set it all up themselves but with ArchLabs things are a little more opaque.

And I do agree that ArchLabs can be a useful “stepping stone”, and it’s also useful for people who know how to install Arch manually but just can’t be bothered.


I did not to imply that you were guilty of such. I apologize if I did.

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LOL, whoever enters the Arch forum is to blame himself. :smiley:

lol, pretty much it I also think @nwg

I love the Arch forums, the community there is awesome. They just don’t tolerate Help Vampires. At all.


lol, good one @anon42040838 concerning the help vampires.

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Matter of taste. I have a number of other good reasons to love Arch for. :wink:

In some cases this is applicable:

In my mind people get so wound up over things that are just not really worth getting upset about. Who cares that someone isn’t using a vanilla Arch install or that they used an installer? How does it affect anyone else in their everyday life other than that user?

If we all just let people install and use what ever distro they wanted without the need to comment it would all be so much better.


It becomes a bit frustrating when attempting to solve threads because the OP doesn’t have the expected knowledge.

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I had that thought but my post was getting a little long so I didn’t say anything.

Yup I agree it can be frustrating when you have newbies asking what seem like stupid questions, but wouldn’t it feel so much better to know that you had a hand in educating that person? Even if it was as simple as directing them to a more learner friendly distro to get their Linux chops up to scratch?

Hiding frustration and keeping calm is hard to do, I am guilty of unleashing on a few people out of frustration and I always felt like shit afterwards because once, I was in their place. (and in many instances I still am :slight_smile: )


I will do that but only if I’m not annoyed. My temper gets the better of me sometimes :frowning: