ArchLabs is back at Reddit

I have just now created a new subreddit for ArchLabs.

/r/officialarchlabslinux is open and ready for you.

Get amongst it.

Heads up. Best to view our subreddit either as old Reddit or if using the redesign then use Night Mode.

There is an addon or extension for redirecting Reddit to old Reddit.




Good news in there @Dobbie03

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Our subreddit is fully themed and ready to go. Completely compatible with Reddit Night mode for those who like it dark.

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I gave the Reddit page a make over

You can only view this as old.reddit.

Gee, hard at work @Dobbie03


Still trying to find one that 100% fits.

Bet that it s a tough job to do !

Yeah, this theme is quite widely used. I’d like AL to have it’s own image of course.

Yep , pretty much it.