ArchLabs Installer Survey Results

Below are the results of the survey. Thank you to everyone that participated. It has been rather useful. 53 participants, a great turn out indeed.

The next survey will be a lot more in depth.


Thx for that @Dobbie03

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Interesting stats good see 52 participants as well. :+1:


Thanks for sharing the results.

Thanks @Dobbie03
I see its split straight down the middle for future live session

Because I’m curious and perhaps am not making full use of it, can I ask what people use the live session for?

I , almost certainly in my ignorance, only ever use a live session to fix things with something else.
In that case I use something that already has things like Gparted etc on it (I have an EOS one that gets most use).
The problem is that when using the AL live session, I would have to set it all up (even pacman IIRC?) each time to get this stuff that I need (or can I make the live session ‘persistent’?)

Is it because more advanced people just use the CLI to do everything and dont need Gparted etc, just a terminal?

And, are there other reasons for using the live session?

I’m not trying to make a case for either - I am just very grateful for whatever you make!

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AL live session is for the potential new users. If you know the distro and DK wm well enough, you don’t need it. The live session helps the distro and DK’s growth IMO. Check Endeavour and Arch. Endeavour is ranked No. 2 and Arch is No. 60 on distrowatch. Is Endeavour better than Arch by any means?


@leigh pretty much just something for those that wanted it. Not much more than that.

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I could not agree more every Linux system needs new users and live sessions is the best way.
Plus I like the fact that installing Archlabs you have choices on what WM or GUI you wish to install.
Can’t go to geek your we will be the only ones using the system.

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Thanks for the feedback!. Very enlightening for me, most of my answers fall in the wider areas, so I feel in the right place. :smile: