Archlabs-installer: no device available


I just got a new laptop, a Dell with Windows 10, and I would like to install ArchLabs on it (dual-boot).

I already free’d space on my disk by resizing the main partition. I have ~210GB of non-allocated space on the disk.

Now when I boot on ArchLabs (USB key created with Rufus portable), and run archlabs-installer, I get the message “No device available, exiting now”.

Indeed if I launch bash and run sudo parted -l, I only see my USB key and no other disk or partition.

At first I thought maybe Windows is not unlocking the disk or something, so before booting on the ArchLabs key I used shutdown /s /f /t 0 with admin privileges to “completely” shutdown Windows, though I’m not sure it had any effect. Even like this, I still get the “No device available” message.

I think I’m using UEFI mode.

Should I try Legacy mode?

Any other ideas :confused:?

You have to disabile at the BIOS the way ti presente hard disk. I had same beahouovur.
Check if your harddisk is set to RAID mode in your UEFI and switch that to AHCI. For my lattidute solve issue

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Thanks a lot, that did the trick :slight_smile:

After that Windows was not booting, but running a Diagnostic in Windows Advanced Setup boot menu plus a few reboots fixed it, now my dual-boot works perfectly.

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Glad that it s fixed @pawamoy.

Thx @vot4anto for the solution, please mark it as solved.

As soon I understand how Mark as solved.
With phone interface i don’t understand how. Sorry

It s alright @vot4anto !

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Got it mate, I just didn t understand what you meant above !


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