Archlabs Installation

When installing ArchLabs Linux when I select auto partitioning will it create a new efi system??
I’m trying to dual boot my system with windows and ArchLabs.

Yes if you are booted in UEFI mode then auto partition will create an EFI boot partition. Don’t use this for adding a new system to an existing e.g. Installing AL alongside an existing windows. In this case you can reuse the windows EFI partition and shrink the windows drive to free space for AL. Hope that makes sense.

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@dayush07 definitely do not select auto partitioning if you already have Windows on the HD.

Ok thanks I was worried that auto partitioning might mess up that’s why I hold onto it and asked here, thank you for telling me.

Thanks for the advice can you guide me on how to reuse windows EFI partition just so I don’t mess up while installing.

Yea no problem.

You’ll need a separate partition to install AL onto. You can do this from within windows if you prefer. If it’s a basic setup with just a C: partition then you’ll need to shrink it using device manager -> storage manager -> right click and choose shrink.

Once in the installer you can select this partition for root (/). When prompted for a boot partition select the existing one (it should be obvious which it is) and DO NOT FORMAT. Once finished and rebooted you may need to set the default boot entry from within your BIOS, there will be an entry in the bootloader menu for your windows installation.

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@natemaia Thanks a lot .

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