Archlabs in France!

A french blogger speaks about Archlabs 2018.05! :smiley:


Tres bien !Good to know that AL s getting spread across.

French is all greek to me :slight_smile:

Nice to see linux used across the world.

Nice! Anyone able to provide a brief translation of his thoughts?

In summary, he says that Archlabs is beautiful, light but stiff. Some packages in the installation are missing (for example gvsf-smb to display an internet box, french language package for Libreoffice and Firefox etc…). Sometimes he was forced to logout to see a new installation of a software in the menu.

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lol, you beat me to it mate ! pretty much that. Not bad to my end, he seemed to find AL pretty on the light side. But he liked it.

He didn t like the fact that their wasn t le DM at fresh install but liked the way it updated at install, same on my end.

Thanks for the reply.

Not quite sure what he means there, ArchLabs is very flexible.

We have sort of started translations but not really. This will come in time.

Which menu? obmenu or jgmenu?

Good thing we provide the option to install LightDM in AL-Hello :slight_smile:

Neither @nate or myself use a login manager. Most people auto login so we didn’t see the point, especially when it is so easy to install yourselves after install.

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Wonder if it s the Polybar , on the upper left .But it showed me that it can be done by relogin on AL, wasn t aware of that…

It s easy to install whatever we want/like on AL. & as stated by Dobbie, great thing that it can be done on AL-Hello ! Keep it that way, like to have a DM on my installs.

You can also killall jgmenu and click the rocket icon which will restart jgmenu.

That’s why I get confused when people “review” AL and say its missing this or missing that. Most of the things they want installed are specific to themselves not the wider users. Just install it yourself, it is literally impossible to accommodate for everyone.

There are kitchen sink distros out there but they come at a price, bulky download, multiple redundant apps and an ugly interface as they never seem to be finely tuned.

Anyway, ArchLabs is what it is, we are happy with what we release.


& don t change a thing ! lol

I guess what he meant by rigide(in French) can also be translated as Crisp also, which isn t bad at all on my end, but some words can mean lots of things, also in English as other languages.

Ah languages…

lol, you bet.

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According to the vidéo, it seems to be “jgmenu” and “obmenu”.

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Yep thx , might be jgmenu, I didn t know its name, fairly new to Polybar & jgmenu that AL has.

& (rigide) can also be translated as raw , in your face, which might be the case here.

The guy roughly says that AL is very good looking but far too frugal and focused only on the frugal choices that are made.

He resents for instance the lack of an easy-to-use package manager like pamac and says that pacli is not very coonvenient for checking what really lacks in the default installation.

He points out that the fresh install through network is pretty quick.

He says the installer on AL 18.05 looks very much like the manjaro-architect one but sucks less.

When he says “rigide” he means that the default install needs quite a lot of tweakings for reaching something easy-to-use day-by-day.

He doesn’t like the idea of being dropped directly into one’s user-space without any default login option.

This man (frederic bezies) is used to testing a lot of Linux distros and gives his thoughts about them in its blog located at .

Honestly, he doesn’t look very familiar with OB (nor am I :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ) as his daily DE is MATE I think.

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This guy thinks only one thing: make the buzz.
He installs in a virtual machine distri without reading the doc and thus made comments without having searched the software.
This guy is very unloved in France (like many others for whom you tube is a way to be known and earn a little money.

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Probably he makes buzz…But sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s wrong. He has the merit to say his opinion without any restraint. C’est sa liberté de penser, après on a le droit d’être d’accord ou pas.