I am fiddling with i3-gaps and was trying to set

bindsym $mod+i exec archlabs-i3lock-color

I get a “spinning” cursor and when running i terminal I get “command not found”.
How does archlabs-i3lock-color work?

Thankful for a hint


$pacman -Ql archlabs-i3lock-color

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Got it!


You’ll also want to grab the script to run it from the package archlabs-i3lock-fancy. Then you just call it with i3lock-fancy.

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Yeah! That looks good!!



i3lock-fancy is so slow to execute, has there been any consideration in using i3lock-fancy-rapid? It is practically instantaneous once executed.

Not here.


The reason why it is slow it takes a screenshot of your screen first then blur’s it.
If you use i3exit it comes with blurlock which is also slow.

You want fast lock you can use below. With this one you need to push Enter after your password.

Your lock scripts are found in /usr/bin/ copy & paste then make executable add it to /usr/bin/ folder
bindsym $mod+x exec --no-startup-id blurlock

{Below} This is the safest bet you never lose it this way. Because you always backup your Home { Folder Don’t You Now <<Very Important.}

Or if your wish you can add I to your home folder somewhere like scripts folder or maybe ~/.config/i3/ and change the path.

bindsym $mod+x exec --no-startup-id ~/.config/i3/blurlock

set -eu

RESOLUTION=$(xrandr -q|sed -n 's/.*current[ ]\([0-9]*\) x \([0-9]*\),.*/\1x\2/p')

# lock the screen
import -silent -window root jpeg:- | convert - -scale 20% -blur 0x2.5 -resize 500% RGB:- | \
    i3lock --raw $RESOLUTION:rgb -i /dev/stdin -e $@
# sleep 1 adds a small delay to prevent possible race conditions with suspend
#sleep 1

exit 0

Remember make the file executable. By the way this is not the blurlock that comes with i3exit.

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@KoO - Thanks for pointing this out.