ArchLabs i3 Keybindings? [Solved]



I’m new to ArchLabs.

I started using the openbox default, but I wanted to play around with i3wm. Some of the keybindings aren’t matching up with I was wondering if there was some info on what I am supposed to be aware of?

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I found the same thing, they match the Openbox key bindings. Why? I manually created a new i3 config file.


The key bindings are standardized for all the window managers available in the al-hello script. Openbox is the default wm, so it is the baseline.



I guess that makes sense. I should’ve figured that out on my own.



It’s somewhat assumed that this will be the case, for those that don’t I think a quick read through the config should be enough to get started.

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Hello @blueboy and welcome to the forum. See you around



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