archLabs, Hello

Im new to archlabs and to openbox in general, coming from KDE and would want to try out light distro and sure after testing im starting to like openbox and ArchLabs.

Antergos’ openbox is incomplete, Manjaro has too much greens and BunsenLabs is debian…

Hope to have an enjoyable and good learning experience.

One issue though:
al-Hello does not work, it tries to look for internet connection. i think that this fails since does not return ping replies.

Welcome aboard @retrowertz.

Welcom @retrowertz, I just installed again the other day and had no issue with al-hello… it does require the internet connection though because it downloads everything.

Welcome to Archlabs! Hope you enjoy sharing and learning @retrowertz. In this forum, you’ll find great people who are willing to help. And probably, you have some great ideas and solutions that would be helpful as well. :grin:

This post may help:

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Welcome to ArchLabs @retrowertz

Did you manage to get AL-Hello working?

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I would start another thread about his issue, might have some help.


thanks for the warm welcome…

i created a bug report regarding al-hello here, are per request…


Thank you :smiley:

For now you can comment out the calling of network check which is located in /usr/bin/al-hello. I have to do this in order to go forward. I haven’t figured out why my system won’t ping sites. Yet, after commenting out that one call out, I was able to download and install packages.

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