Archlabs friendly laptop


Yep , as other companies &/or banks as wel.


Apple lost me years ago when they killed Final Cut Pro. One day professional video editors had the suite and the next day they decided to update their consumer video editing program and call it Final Cut Pro. So many of us made the exodus then. Now, they seem 100% consumer focused. That’s where the profit is.

I had a white, first generation intel iMac that just died this year. I’ve been waiting forever for it to die. My Macbook is the last one and it is 9 years old. Cult of Mac people are so crazy that it is amazing how much old machines sell for. Still dreaming of selling the extra Macbook I just inherited and using the money for replacing the iMac (my music server) and the laptop.


If I have to choose between Mac OSX and Windows, I choose MacOSX anyday!