Archlabs friendly laptop


Which one would you choose?



@womp , guess it would be this one here, Lenovo ThinkPad L440 , pretty well equiped.

But @ 14 inch , it would be too small on my old eyes ! lol It s part of why I don t use much my Dell XFR, too small of a screen for me.


Yeah. Starting to get there myself but 14" is still ok. 250$ is that a good price? For us swedes the market is limited. (to be comfortable we need our “special” keyboard).



@womp , did know you were in Sweden mate, nice country for what I ve seen on the web.

Well , go with the one that s better suited for the Swedisn language, maybe someone can chim in & help you more on this.


The Lenovo Thinkpad X220s are pretty good also if we lkook at a post above.(@dimaon)


Yeah thats a bit cheaper. I will think a couple about it just a little bit more. The thing is to make a decision!



@womp lol, decisions decisions, that s the thing right !


Right! If feels like it used to be easier!



Too many choices !lol


My use case:

I’m a video editor by trade, but I have a desktop for that work. I’ve been trying to start a freelance writing career so I don’t use my laptop for video anymore. Thus, having an 8 year old 17" Macbook Pro is overkill. Especially on my shoulder!

When I write, I often do some image editing for the stories. I also do some audio editing.

So, I’m looking for a 13" or 14" laptop that would run Archlabs and allow me to edit audio and images. Otherwise, I’m not a gamer or do much else that would be processor heavy.

I feel like 8GB of RAM is a necessity these days, maybe I’m wrong?

I’m so surprised that people like Thinkpads. They always seemed like such tanks, like my giant Macbook was lighter than those things and it was made of metal. Plus, my friend bought a Lenovo for his spouse and we spent hours trying to get the thing working right. They finally took it back and got a Toshiba for more money.

I like Asus right now, but the price of those Thinkpads is nice, hmm.

Thoughts on laptop choices?


Well , I would try to get at least 16 GB of RAM as Linux seems to get bigger at every updates unless you clean the install as some do.

Also looks like some graphic cards aren t Linux-friendly as well.Got it, it s the one that had/has issues:Nvidia

Edit; search the forum on this, can t find these real quick.

As for the cpu I still favor Intel, but might be a preference issue here.

Edit 2: I would also try to find a secondhand one that has issues on Windows, might be good to you also.


Hre s some links that might help:


@sikkdays I can only speak to my personal experience and despite having used products from many manufacturers, I’ve been most happy with…

Laptop -

Desktop -

My use requirements are roughly comparable to your’s, I’m not a gamer, continue to do much office work, occasionally other graphic intensive applications and general media and internet related activities. I would recommend at least 8gb of system memory (although I have never come close to that threshold during my activities). Most importantly (imo), purchase as much processing capability as you can reasonably afford.


Speaking of which, I got Archlabs running in Acer Aspire One, D257 machiine with 1 GB RAM, and atom N455, totally crappy keyboard), but 360 GB hdd. Archlabs flies on this, no really. I cannot believe how it works with several tabs opened in Firefox (make sure you do not have too many add-ons installed), and I used Vivaldi, and it works like a charm.
Archlabs infused life into this old machine, something that Debian with Cinnamon could not, and although Manjaro linux was good and fast, it did not allow me to install packages, etc, so I could not work with Mendeley etc on this machine. It is, thanks to Archlabs and the good people who helped me to sort out some troubles yesterday, it just works. :-), more power to Archlabs.


Glad to see it working on some older laptops or minis.


Hi there again!
Well I ended up buying a Dell Latitude E6430 for 85US$ on an auction. Specs are absolutely reasonable and after buying a cheap hdd/sdd-bay I can switch harddisk without opening the box! The computer is faster then my old MacBook pro 8,1. I will recommend this computer! Everything worked out of the box, except touchpad, which I had to fiddle with a little.

A couple of words about my old macbook pro 8,1.
It worked very well with Linux and Archlabs but I am guessing here a little, Linux shortened itś life. Mac computers are less compatible with Linux and If you really want a mac running Linux systems (long term!) you really have to know every little piece of hardware and how to configure it for powersavings.



Nice find in there @womp


Maybe an Hp Elitebook 8470p (my daily driver) is a reliable laptop. It didn’t let me down and if you need more power you can always buy the 8470w.


This is a fear of mine. This thing has always run uncomfortably hot, so I am a bit paranoid. I never liked having it on my lap because of the heat and I did monitor it in MacOS, but eventually I learned to live with it. I only watched the temps when rendering videos. Even then, I’d move to the work desktop if possible. Now, in AL I’m looking at the temp reading in conky and wondering if I am killing this thing. Or, is it paranoia because it’s always ran hot. :crazy_face:

I’ve installed some things that supposedly help with Macbooks, like thermald and mbpfan, but I’d prefer to just tell the damn fans to come on and be loud. I’d rather have that then melt a hole in a table. Also still haven’t figured out the backlight on the screen.

I was hoping to sell a spare Macbook I recently acquired and get a machine suggested in this thread, but I’m not a fan of ebay and craigslist isn’t a popular thing in Canada. We have another service who seems to have IP banned me because I use for email. Glad you found something you like @womp!


Right! My days with linux och macbook is probably over. Apple are by the way using glue for their boxes nowadays and they got sued for “life-span-tampering”! They probably think they are too big to fail.