Archlabs friendly laptop


I seek advice on an Archlabs friendly laptop. I rather see that it is a used computer. I do not have time to engage in heavy network games so it doesn’t need a top gpu. Ram should be at least 8 GB but disk space is not so important because I have spare laptop SSD and HDD. DVD is not important either.
Anyone who has a preference?


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If I understood correctly you want indications of brands and models, is this?
If yes, look at this link: EXCALIBUR 2 - SLIMBOOK, you choose the pieces yourself.

I know there are cheaper models, please disregard, my English is bad.

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Thinkpad x220/230 with IPS panel can be a good option. Nice, small, extendable and repairable, good keyboard. May be a macbook with integrated gpu - model depends on your needs and budget. Bigger Thinkpad like T440/540 can be an option as well. If you ask more specific questions about your requirements we can provide better answer.

Acer has always treated me well and they dont use components that have issues with open source drivers. I would recommend them to anyone



Interesting but too much money I’m afraid!



I have been looking around for Thinkpad x220 and it seems very popular on the second hand market! The sell very quickly!


I bought a gaming Acer to my son a year ago and he is very satisfied. I don’t have need for latest hardware though. Been reading a bit and it should be Intel cpu (no Celeron), Intel or Nvidia gnu, no double gpu. Screen from 13 to 15. Ram 8 to 16. I have SSD and HDD so no special demands there. 10 years ago I bought a “middle” model HP laptop and I gave that away a few years ago. It still runs well. Is a second hand HP a good option?


You can check all needed info about supported hardware on arch wiki:

Just find a model which suits you and check hardware compatibility.

As I already mentioned i like Thinkpads and there are strong community around using linux on this machines. Never worked with HP or Acer myself.

Thinkpad are definitely solid options to consider. My next laptop will be one.
I use myself an Asus ROG, but i don’t really need the CG since I don’t play as much as before.

Wasn’t it Acer that had some issues with Linux ? Note sure where i read that but i’ve heard some bad things about acer in an overall, and my mother had some issue with her’s too.

I generally go for Dell Latitudes and maybe Inspirons as well. They work great.

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Makes sense! :joy::joy:

I’m already on the 3rd Dell laptop and each of them lasts a long time, nowadays we have a huge variety of brands and qualities.

I’ve had bad luck with HP a few times, both myself and family members have gotten them in the past and had issues. This is really personal though as many people I know swear by their HP’s so I think it may be more model related and just bad luck.

Depends, what is your price point around?

My recommendation would be something like this Aspire 5, it only has a 256Gb SSD but its removable, and there is still a free 2.5 inch drive slot where another storage drive can go, it’s failing points are no disc drive and it only has 3 standard USB ports and one type C

This is my aspire I got about a year ago and It’s nearly the same, you can see everything is easily removable

All depends on what you like and what price are you willing to pay :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers man

If the laptop used has dvd player it is easy to upgrade a disk, sdd of 120/128 gb for the operating system is not expensive and the old hdd can stay in the place of the dvd in a “caddy hdd”


It is a viable option depending on the financial conditions

In Brazil, brands such as Dell, Acer, Avell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Samsung and other large still carry laptops with dvd and even with good hardwares they are cheaper than those that do not have dvd, the people buy this more account and without " windows ", then make this storage upgrade.

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I am running a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition. It is a great little machine.


I usually look for Dell machines where there’s an option to buy the machine with Linux pre-installed.

Rant incoming
The one fact that irks me, is the fact that Dell only release Linux laptops that are top of the range. My intuition tells me is that Linux would make even more sense on lower spec machines, rendering them even more affordable. I mean, if you think of a $250 Dell laptop with W10 installed, it would mean that the price could go down to $150-180 when there’s a Linux option. This will motivate people to buy Linux laptops. However, I’m pretty sure Dell receives a neat kickback when they sell a W10 machine.

Hi again!
I have read all your suggestions and find them all good and reliable! I will take some time to think. I will problably buy a used computer in any case! Now I know what to look for!
Thank very much guys!


look here,

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I am working for a company in the DellEMC Family, so I got it for a decent price. Without this deal I would stayed with my X230.

I still have some ThinkPads X 2x0 wich are awesome little machines.

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Hi again, good community!
I have been looking around on the net for laptops a while now and have a “few” to choose from. I wonder what you think about these:

Lenovo - ThinkPad T440s 14” i5 Haswell 8gb 128ssd intel 4400

Lenovo ThinkPad L430
320 GB 2,5"
INTEL HD 4000 1696MB 14”

Lenovo ThinkPad L440
INTEL CORE I5-4200M 2.5 GHZ, 8 GB DDR3, 240 GB SSD, SSD, 14.0"

Dell Latitude 3540
INTEL CORE I5-4200U 1.6 GHZ, 4 GB DDR3, 500 GB 2,5", SATA, 15.6"

Lenovo Thinkpad x220 i5 4GB 320GB

All of them have single Intel gnu.

I hope someone has time and interest


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@womp , Thx , very interesting, & @ a great price also.

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