Archlabs freezes on multicore setup

I am running latest virtual-box as of (2018-june) with AMD ryzen 1700 .
i am facing a strange issue that archlabs freezes if you run it with multicore config in virtualbox.
To be exact, it hangs after booting to desktop, as i can see wallpaper but everything is frozen, i just cant do anything to unfreeze, i have tested this config with all kind of combinations like increasing decreasing rams and 2-8 core config, it just freezes EXCEPT if you run it on single core, it works fine on single core config.
If there is any solution then please tell me because i love Archlabs and i am little new to linux. my laptop died thats why i need to run this on desktop in virtualbox.
Thank You in Advance.

From what I gather you need to assign only a single core to ArchLabs. I don’t use a VM ever so I hope that makes sense.