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Pretty much always hunting season here in S. Illinois.

Rifle, shotgun, bow… rocket propelled grenade, drone launched hellfire missile or small tactical nuclear weapon… Season.

It varies by month.

People 'round these parts will generally shoot anything which walks, flaps a wing or slithers , including at times… One another. Most feel lucky enough to just not fall out of their tree stands after the copious amount of alcohol they’ve consumed and probably would if their ass wasn’t solidly frozen to their seat.

Back in the day, loved hunting with my Father in California. We actually had to hike and track the deer.



:joy: Yep that sums it up for most individuals.


That’s pretty true @PackRat. In fact some individuals actually made decorations out of the skull of rattle snakes as well. As for eating them, I would rather pass. I have strict dietary rules that I follow because of health issues.


When you are back in NZ look me up mate, my sales rep is huge on trout fishing and is a respected guide. I can put you guys in touch.


I will . Cheers Mate. Be good to have beers too.


Sounds good to me!


Me at work.

Me at home.


Rock & Roll mate, nice pix in there @wickedlester !

Edit: You re a lineman ! If so it s a tough job.


Thanks! I run an oil well service rig. You won’t catch me near electricity :laughing:


lol, you bet, anyways, oil riger s also a tough job, needed for big trucks & my car that takes quite some gas to run ! Are you in Texas by any chance! Loads of oil feilds in there.


Another work pic:

I look grumpy 'cos it’s cold and I’ve lost 20kg of blubber since last winter so I’m not handling it well.


Nice work in there @Head_on_a_Stick . Looks like it s cold to ride some motorbikes.


Yes I am in Texas. Good guess.


Oh why not @wickedlester? Don’t you like shocking surprises? Asked by an engineer who licks his forefinger and thumb on both hands and touches two wires to see… :laughing:
Joking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: of course, but…


lol, been there often enough while driving big trucks, Loved it over there, too bad I can t anymore.


@wickedlester very jealous of the beard — damn fine one.


@sevenday4 I’ll watch you touch those 2 wires together from a very safe distance.


@McQ thank you. I hate shaving and it also keeps my face warm.


True, I live in Oregon and any hair on the face is always a must. Especially below zero.


Looking at the fire as if it were a TV