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NASCAR is pretty popular here; more so in NC.
Right now Clemson (American) football is getting all the press.


Hey true, football s pretty popular in the States as well.


@natemaia Great pictures Nate :slight_smile: BTW You look like your Dad, British Columbia? Are they called Mountain Lions or Cougars up there?

@PackRat I’ll stick with the lizards and skinks we have 'round here, thanks :grin: An occasional Water Moccasin but they always make themselves known.

I want to thank everyone for participating. Was a little reluctant to open this topic but it’s turned out truly awesome.


And yeah, those suckers are here in Australia too. You just cant fuck with them. A colleague quite recently because he got so anxious about doing field work in a Crocodile area.


@PackRat It’s dead after mauling a few of our pups, lots of hunting but none of it was for sport. My dad trapped for a living during the winter, tons of crazy stories but I only have a couple pictures (we were never the family photo type).

@anon37345411 Yea central BC, usually cougars but you still get the odd person that calls em mountain lions. I get most of my features from him, good and bad :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s nutty man, never seen them out in the wild (…canadian mountains and all) but big carnivores in the water make me really uneasy, already have a slight fear of large bodies of water from lots of shitty situations as a kid in boats, can’t imagine having to deal with those fuckers too XD.


I’ll second that and stay home, fish from the freaking bathtub :grin:


It’s gets a bit unnerving when you hear the big bulls grunting at each other. Park Rangers are going to be relocating one that has become a nuisance gator. It’s 13+ feet now so no fear whatsoever. Starting to follow boats around on the lake.

I thought that cat was dead but wasn’t sure; can see your dad is pulling back on the ear now.

Have come across two large land predators when working.

First was in Ontario; was slogging out with a load of geologic samples and heard something coming through the brush. Stopped in my tracks and waited. A black bear (~5 feet at the shoulder) popped out of the woods onto the trail maybe 10 feet max in front of me. Fortunately, I was downwind so the bear was looking up trail when it came out onto the road; when it turned it’s head and saw me, it got startled and took off through the woods.

Second was in Nevada. Heading to the site and saw a flock of vultures just off the side of the road. Stopped to see what was dead. Full grown burro laying in the grass with it’s neck broken at the shoulders. Only a full grown cougar could do that. Got to the project site and spotted it heading up and over the hill as I was walking in.


We have no predators here in NZ. One poisonous spider which you mainly find closer to the beach. NZ I think would be one of the safer countries when it comes to animals.


Yeah, all we have around here are black bears, mountain lions, wolves, rattle snakes, coral snakes, and such. No big deal!

Note the sarcasm on the no big deal part…


And many more things. That’s why my older daughter says she would like to live there. :slight_smile:


Is that an alligator?

They don’t have us on their prey list, AFAIK, so they should be fairly “safe”, isn’t that the case?

Crocodiles are much more dangerous ofc.

The most dangerous wildlife I’ve seen here in the UK has been the False Black Widow spiders, which aren’t really that dangerous, but we had loads of them in our flats. I don’t like spiders.


Yes, that’s an American alligator (there is also a Chinese alligator). Humans are not their natural prey, but they do prey on mammals so you don’t want to be in the water with one. Every once in a while they’ll grab someone off the shore - usually go for something smaller like a dog. They’re fairly docile though, nowhere near aggressive like a crocodile or caiman.


When I first moved to Phoenix from Midwest USA I asked someone about when was the best hunting season. In the Midwest there was always a hunting season ending or another beginning. They guy laughed and told me “Hunting season? What for – there’s nothing out there to even shoot at.”

We do often have coyotes that patrol the streets – but they are not aggressive. :wolf:


When I lived in Arizona, I heard of squirrel hunting as well as rattle snake :snake: hunting. Does anyone need a rattle? :grin:


You know I never got squirrel hunting. I mean … who really wants to eat that? I knew some folks who raised squirrel hunting dogs and those animals were really amazing. Heck, my old man trained and used rabbit hunting beagles. Anyway the squirrels in Phoenix are super tiny and wouldn’t even make do for a late night snack. They live in the rocks instead of trees and look more like a fluffy baby chihuahua.

Rattle snakes are very common here & I’ve seen/heard many on hiking trails.


I know of someone who would eat squirrels here in Oregon. They are about three times the size of Arizona squirrels. I just don’t see squirrels as an appetizing meal myself. We have coyotes and town deer. That is why I built nine foot fences around our yard to protect my vegetable garden. I told them that Guy’s smorgsaborg was out of business and that they would have to raid someone else’s garden…


Not sure about squirrel hunting but we used to snare and tan them as kids, in the late 90’s during the winter when the skin is thick you could get like $2/pelt which was good money.

I’ve eaten a bunch of small animals (mostly just forced to eat them after killing) and most of them are not enjoyable, grouse isn’t too bad I guess.


Fish slaying NZ style.


People collect them and put them in jars like seashells. The hide is actually pretty durable. Make hatbands, wallets etc … And the meat is actually pretty good - had some rattlesnake stew and chili before.