ArchLabs Family Scrapbook


Ah I can’t look like that around my family! I’ll scare the little kids.


lol, tru without makeup one doesn t look alike right ! lol



Though just so we are all clear, that isn’t actually me in my user pic there. Its Abbath from Immortal.


lol, I know, you wrote it sometime back in the

I am my avatar ! lol j/k


I just don’t want anyone getting excited thinking they are talking to this cool Black Metal guy from Norway is all!



lol, you bet


@Dobbie03 Great to see ya Matt! :smiley:

So, you guys visit your grandparent’s burial site and toast them every Christmas? That has to be the best tradition, I’ve ever heard of. Wonderful.

Handsome family my friend :blush:


Yep , never heard about it also.


It’s really cool to see you guys IRL. @Dobbie03 Matt, I noticed the t-shirt! :blush:


Every year with out fail. Also, we go up on ANZAC day and toast my Grandad with a Stella Artois each. Thanks for the compliment :smiley:

@nwg, thanks, my friend. Yes, I am a semi-decent fan of Pink Floyd.


Wholy cow, that s some big guy in there !


Me, my brother, sister, and family friend in Toronto last summer

Old one of me and my old man when we lived in the bush


Nice pics in there @natemaia


You had a pet cougar?


Well , looks like it right !


That snake’s invasive species isn’t it? Or are you in Australia?

We have some venomous snakes, but I worry more about these:

I took that last summer; about an 8 footer. They’re all over the place makes fishing a bit dicey sometimes.


Are you in Florida @PackRat !


South Carolina.

Florida could be interesting this year. I think they are going to finally put a bounty/season on the pythons in the Everglades. People buy them when they’re 10-12 inches long then let them loose when they get 5-6 feet.


Oh, been there often in the Carolinas when driving big trucks as well as in Georgia TN etc, sometimes 2 trips a week over in the Carolinas from East Canada & other times in Texas.Was the good years to me.

So you re in Nascar terrritory right ! Most of the teams are in these 2 States @PackRat .


Well , guess that when the pythons are getting too big people start to worry about themselves right !