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Yep , the Columbians are usually pretty good on descends on the Pro Tour


You’d be surprised. The entrance from the side of the road is almost flat. Downhilling is the challenge for parachuters only.


Downhill is the trick and sought after skill. No doubt.


Cool , but some on the Tour de France lost time going downhill on the big fast ones. As well as up hill I must say.

Sure that MTB Downhill are pretty crazy.

Edit: Anyways, you must be in good shape, cycling s pretty tough somehow ,if one pushes enough.


Different on loose soil and gravel.


@nwg Steel or aluminum frame?


Tried to find a more informative photo, but none of them reflected the reality…

Alu of course. Quite an old bike, but I replaced all the crucial parts.


Wow, nice place in there @nwg

Merida Bikes are pretty good.


Not bad, but windy. :slight_smile:


Yep , I can imagine when one has upfront wind


Okiday, steel frames are making a comeback. Inertia


My former cycling comrade changed to carbon. I will start and probably finish the next season on aluminum.


Carbon fiber? Bet that’s pricey. I suppose it depends upon the course and terrain. 'Round here, many are electing to use the new steel frames for distance over a relatively flat landscape.



Looks like this (in the back):

I’m quite sure I’d prefer alu frames over steel on a track above 100 km.


It really depends upon the course and terrain. The steel isn’t the same used in our childhood Shwinn. It’s a slightly more advanced alloy. Nice bikes.


I suppose I better post one. Here I am on the left with my wife and sons on Xmas day. We were having our yearly toast of Mums champagne at my grandparents grave. Mums was their tipple.


Nice pic of a nice familly out there @Dobbie03

Edit: That s some change from your avatar ! lol


Thanks mate.


So true X)


lol, pretty different.