ArchLabs Family Scrapbook


Okay, I think I know where you were. Up in Utah.


Something from the shoe-box. The T-shirt gives the timeline away (still in HS).
I am the truly handsome one in the red satin pants… Hey, it was a thing back in the day, lol


I’ll dig up something a bit more recent … someday :wink:


Glam rock ! Love the pants man. Reminds me if my breakdancing days :rofl::rofl:


Awesome! :grin:


Woooohooo, great! I also have such pictures :slight_smile:

80’s, in the back:

On the right side:



Wow, that s cool @nwg


@nwg, fantastic, love um! :grinning::+1:

Knew this would make a cool topic, I may change the topic name to ‘ArchLab’s family scrapbook’


It may also have something to do with O.F.C. My young colleagues (female) at the office would never share a picture of them on the web. :smiley:


Perhaps upon a forum, such as this but I bet they think nothing of telling their life story on Facebook


lol, so tru @Glenn


We’re 3 in the room in charge of PR. It means, among others, to take care of social media. I’m the only here with Facebook, Twitter and G+ account. Both girls deleted even FB accounts.


lol, bet these girls aren t normal lol


More power to um, though they’re in the minority :slight_smile:


My mom (72) invited me on FB as soon as she created an account. Older daughter made me wait about 5 years. :smiley:


Yeppers, I hear ya man. Everyone in my fam is on FacePlant, including your’s truly, although as privately as I can and only to keep in touch with our kids. We all used to use g+ for that purpose but trying to de-google my life and it’s on the way out anyhoots.

I actually prefer to use an ancient piece of equipment, called… A telephone :joy:


Haha! I love my phone. I’d love it even more if it stopped ringing. :rofl:


Me too! Remember back in the day, when we could actually hide?

Those days are gone.


During the holiday camping I would send a postcard to my parents after a week.


Well , guess it s another thing of the past , as well as letters.


This photo was taken at the top of a hill, which they say witch sabbaths took place there. :smiling_imp: