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Wow, nice place @DatNobleSavage

Edit; Didn t know or remember that you were in the UK.


@philT Holy cow, bet that got your attention. It’s coloring is deceiving, our venomous snakes are conveniently colored around here. The worst of which in our area is probably the Water Moccasin but not nearly as dangerous as what you guys have.

@DatNobleSavage That’s a gorgeous place, I’d be spending a lot of time there.


My mum’s horses :slight_smile:


Wow, love horses also. Tell to your mother that the babe s pretty nice !

Nice pic


Thanks, I will do.

The foal is almost fully grown now, that was taken a while ago.


Yep , these big babies grow fast right ! lol So much work also,

Edit: What kind of horses are these if possible, hard to say from pix.

Used to have a Quarter Horse with paperwork from the AQHA years ago as well as my late father also.It was a former show horse.( had some horses when younger)The worst of it, no pix of them.


Where in the UK?


Sure did. Not long after that, I spent a night in hospital with a suspected bite. I stood on one, it reared up and there was an unexplained scratch on my hand. No bite thankfully - all precautionary


Close call in there @philT . Glad you got no bit.


me too mate!

Nice nurses though :star_struck:


lol, pretty nurses always help.


Scotland :smile:




Here’s the wife & I goofing off during a recent weekend trip from home in Phoenix AZ.


Nicee @McQ


*Here’s my wife, and I am goofing off… :wink:


Great pictures @McQ :grinning: Nice to put a face to a name and always awesome to see a happy couple.


Too funny @DatNobleSavage & thanks @Glenn + @altman!


That’s near the Grand canyon isn’t it?


That was during a visit to Bryce Canyon National Park.

Only 2.5 hour drive from Page, AZ.