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Yes, Don Quijote travels La Mancha on horseback, I have traveled by bike all those towns and landscapes


Where did the hell all the snow go? :wink:


I don’t know, it’s been a strange winter. Send us a snow truck please!!!


Rain and mud here :frowning:

Sick of it already.


Well , this weekend we had it all, snow, rain , icy rain , name it snow afterward, the driveway s all icy.




That sux, hate it when it s Winter, & it s rainy or muddy.


@altman @Glenn I was going to say Hard winter for North America, but -12 it’s very cold @nwg :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:


You bet @Negata


@Negata, @altman and @nwg, In the California mountains… We could see 12 ft of snow from a single storm (would’t last long). After moving to Illinois, everyone tells stories of 3, 4 or 5ft of snow… I haven’t seen it. We’ve had two tornadoes in the last four years of Spring here.

Anyone who denies something changing with our climate, must live underground man. Something’s just not right and you need not be a Climatologist to see it.


Also tornadoes? They tend to be in the spring?

In season I plant vegetables (tomato, cucumber, onions, potatoes and garlic mainly). This past summer, an infernal hail devastated my garden. It’s the first time that I’m out of harvest.


We’re vegetable gardeners here too @Negata. Garlic grows wild in these parts but it’s pretty much tomatoes, peppers, okra, cukes and pole beans. Sweet corn is a plenty 'round here so, we don’t bother most seasons.

Yes, Spring’s the big season for tornadoes but we also have a smaller season around late October/ Early November. It’s the clash of warm, moist air and cold, denser air.


I’m glad to hear that there are more vegetable gardeners in the family. This year if Mother Nature does not spoil the garden, I will send you pictures of the harvest.


@Negata, I’d love to see them and share our’s too :slight_smile:


Big brown snake in the field not long ago when I was collecting samples.



Yes, it looks big!! These snakes have poison?


2nd most venomous in the world. Will kill an adult in 20 minutes if untreated.


LOL, one more reason to be thankful for the horrible climate in my place: just one venomous reptile lives here (since my ex moved out to California).


Gee, must have been a surprise @philT


5 minute walk from my place. Yes, we have countryside in the UK :stuck_out_tongue: